Browse our collection of iPhone X cases that are protective, drop proof and/or waterproof. Also, browse our advanced high quality iPhone camera lenses as well as our lens kits and magnetic mounts. Get Ready for Adventure with Hitcase! 

Drop-proof your iPhone X/Xs.

It’s time you protected your iPhone X or Xs with the most innovative case products on the market. The PRO is the toughest, most rugged and waterproof case we manufacture - serious outdoor gear for your phone. The Splash and Shield Link are great everyday cases that are waterproof, drop-proof with lightning fast installation. The Enduro is an impact resistant, dirt and dust proof case that goes the distance as far as protection goes. The Crio is an ultra-thin and light drop-proof camera case. All of our cases have the option to attach our TrueLUX iPhone Lenses, while the PRO (Railslide), Shield Link and Crio (magnetic Link mounts) are compatible with our series of iPhone mounts.