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Truelux Lens Bundle



Hitcase TrueLUX iPhone Lens Kit 

Whether you're a seasoned photography pro or you just want to take your photos and videos to the next level and stand out from the crowd on Instagram, the Hitcase iPhone Lens Kit is for you. 

Take your iPhone Photography to the Next Level 

Modeled after the way in which photographers bring a selection of lenses and focal points on every important shoot, the Hitcase iPhone Lens Kit gives you three unique creative options to capture your world. And because each lens is housed in a tough, anodized aluminum casing with anti-scratch coatings on the glass elements, you get that same Hitcase rugged durability you've come to rely upon time and again. They're also waterproof, just like many of our cases, so a little rain or snow is a creative opportunity, not a day to stay in.  

TrueLUX SuperWide

If you've been looking for a completely new look from your iPhone's camera, the Hitcase TrueLUX SuperWide gives you that classic fisheye effect and does it with edge to edge clarity, no vignetting and very low chromatic aberration you just have to see to believe. 

About the size of a U.S. quarter, the TrueLUX SuperWide has three spherical lens elements to give you 148 degrees of diagonal field of view in photo mode and 121 degrees of diagonal field of view in video mode. 

The SuperWide also offers an extremely close minimum focusing distance of 16mm, much closer than the iPhone's regular focusing distance of 90mm, which allows extreme close-ups. The SuperWide also works with the iPhone's optical image stabilization and full sensor range with smooth panning, so you're not taking a step back in image quality when you use a Hitcase lens. 

With the TrueLUX SuperWide you can fit everything into the frame: landscape, group or team photos, urban or city-scapes, adventure and sports photography and video. And in our iPhone Lens Kit, that's just one of three unique options you can use to flex your creative muscles on your next adventure. 

TrueLUX Wide 

The TrueLUX Wide is perfect for shrinking the world, so to speak, by allowing you to fit twice as much photo into the frame, making it ideal for landscape, travel or sport iPhone photography and video. 

With incredible clarity across the entire field of view, the TrueLUX Wide lens features triple element optical grade glass that captures crisp, edge-to-edge images with 120 degrees diagonal field of view -- compared to 104 degrees -- in photo mode and 98.6 degrees diagonal and 86.1 horizontal field of view in video mode. So the next time you're on top of the mountain you can really show it. 

Like our other lenses, the TrueLUX Wide is completely waterproof, dust and snow proof, with or without a Hitcase, so you can literally take it anywhere. And at just 22 grams, you probably won't even notice you have it on until you launch your camera app. Altogether, the three lenses in our iPhone Lens Kit weigh just 54 grams, which is less than a third of the weight of an iPhone XS.


TrueLUX Macro  

If you've ever wanted to capture tiny worlds and the intimate details of just about anything, the Hitcase TrueLUX Macro is for you.  

With three times the magnification of a standard iPhone lens, the TrueLUX Macro brings even the smallest little worlds up close and personal in a way you've never seen before on an iPhone. And because we gave the Macro a focusing distance of 12mm to 22mm, you'll be interacting more with the small stuff, too, and isn't that what it's all about.  

Weighing just 10 grams and crafted with two element optical glass, the TrueLUX Macro lens is the only 100 percent waterproof and shockproof macro lens for iPhone on the planet. It's also the best iPhone macro lens of its type, and once you see the stunning close-ups you can capture just minutes after opening the packaging, you'll wonder why you didn't get one sooner. 

The TrueLUX Macro -- along with the Wide and SuperWide -- is also made from anodized aluminum with scratch resistant coatings on all lens elements, so carrying a lens or two from our iPhone Lens Kit doesn't mean the adventure has to stop -- they're just as durable as our cases. 

We know you have plenty of options out there, but they're either more limited than your phone -- looking at you GoPro -- or they require a backpack full of hardware to pull off, and who wants to deal with all of that when you're busy with your latest adventure. With our TrueLUX iPhone Lens Kit, you get to make use of the thing you carry around all day anyway -- your phone -- and our three lenses are so small with no extra hardware needed that you can carry them in the palm of your hand, and they'll fit easily in any pocket, even that tiny jeans pocket you never use. 

So if you're looking to confidently take your iPhone photography to the next level, get the TrueLUX iPhone Lens Kit from Hitcase. It includes all three of our inspiring lenses: the Wide, SuperWide and Macro, giving you three unique ways to capture the perfect shot. With best in class optics and edge to edge clarity, they're the only compact lenses you should consider for your iPhone. And because they're waterproof and durable -- designed to withstand drops up to two meters and waterproof up to 10 meters -- you won't have to worry about babying them the second you take them outside. 

What's Included

  • 3x¬†Truelux Lenses with lens cap
  • Protective lens carry case
  • Microfiber pouch bags

Compatible with

The Hitcase iPhone Lens Kit is compatible with the Hitcase Crio, Hitcase Shield Link, Hitcase Pro, Hitcase Splash 7,8,SE/X,XS/Xs Max/7,8 Plus and Hitcase Ferra. 

Note that all the lenses in the iPhone Lens Kit are threaded and magnetic so they work interchangeably with both our magnetic and threaded cases. 

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