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HITCASE JEL - The thinnest and softest silicone case for iPhone 11 Pro you’ll ever own.

Silicone is a versatile, durable, recyclable and strong product that is shockingly soft and grippy to the touch, making it an ideal material to protect devices. Our JEL iPhone 11 Pro case is an ultra-low-profile shell that provides unmatched drop protection, keeping your iPhone 11 safe from any impacts or accidents you throw its way.

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TrueLUX SuperWide Lens - Hitcase Canada
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TrueLUX SuperWide Lens - Hitcase Canada
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Why we love silicone for our iPhone 11 Pro cases!

Did you know silicone is recyclable and has far less of an environmental impact than plastics and therefore is much safer for humans to use day-to-day

Silicone is highly durable, almost completely heat resistant and does not crack in extreme cold

Silicone won’t react or breakdown when exposed to chemicals, rain, snow, ocean water - aka you won’t have to worry about our JEL case breaking down, cracking or aging

Silicone absorbs impacts, completely reinforcing your device without the risk of cracking aka product failure

Why JEL Is Right For You:

  • JEL’s low-profile exterior gets you as close to your iPhone 11 Pro’s design in-hand compared to other cases on the market while providing unmatched drop-proofing protection with its strong exterior
  • Who doesn’t want their case to feel as soft as alpaca wool? (We’re serious - this is mind-blowingly soft)
  • JEL’s high-grade construction offers 3 layers of silicone, completely reinforcing your iPhone against drops and impacts up to 3m
  • Silicone by default is scratch resistant, won’t show fingerprints and is easy to clean - all you need is a damp rag
  • Silicone is recyclable and a far lower environmental impact than plastic, so you can feel good about your iPhone 11 Pro case!
  • JEL’s snug design gives you full access to your ports, buttons and everything you love about your iPhone 11 Pro’s design
  • If you want to add a lens attachment, JEL is 100% compatible with our OneClip™ (mobile lens clip) and all of our TrueLUX lenses
  • JEL comes with a full product warranty, so you can have full confidence in your new case!

JEL is made of triple-layered high-grade silicone, which is both impact, scratch, dirt, and hot/cold resistant

  • Weight: 25g aka very light
  • H*L*W: 150 x77 x 12.4 mm
  • Material: Silicone
  • Color: Black (anodized aluminium)
  • Drop-resistant to 3m

  • JEL is offered in 2 colorways for iPhone 11 Pro: white (clear) and black

  • JEL comes with a full product warranty

  • And remember, JEL is recyclable!

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